Jotne Connect at Hannover Messe 2024

(Photo credit: Jana Meinen)

Jotne Connect proudly represented at the Norwegian pavilion during this year’s Hannover Messe, with Norway as the featured partner country. Our participation afforded us the unique opportunity to introduce our cutting-edge solutions to a global audience, while also embodying the core values that distinguish us as a Norwegian enterprise. The experience was both enriching and a testament to our dedication to sustainable and innovative practices.

At Hannover Messe, Jotne Connect showcased the comprehensive suite of innovative solutions. Notably, our flagship product, TruePLM, based on the open standard ISO 10303 (STEP), was highlighted. This tool facilitates efficient management across all stages of the product lifecycle and enables seamless data exchange. The implementation of TruePLM sparked detailed discussions with prospective partners.

The fair was not only a platform to display our technological prowess but also an arena to confront shared challenges and discover new opportunities through collaboration with fellow exhibitors. This cooperative spirit is integral to our strategy for fostering innovation and sustainable growth. Our adherence to open standards like ISO 10303 enhances technology integration within complex systems, boosts interoperability, and nurtures a worldwide community of innovators.

The phrase “Stronger Together” encapsulates our collaborative ethos, highlighting that collective efforts are essential for driving meaningful change and crafting a sustainable future. This principle resonated through interactions at the fair and will continue to steer our endeavours to provide industry-leading solutions that meet customer needs and contribute to a sustainable tomorrow.