BIM/VDC solutions for the built environment, based on open BIM standards – buildingSMART.
EXPRESS Data Manager™ offers the market leading software development kit for the efficient implementation of the IFC BIM. Using libraries and graphical applications give full access to the semantics of IFC/IFD Library and IDM. Use powerful query and debug tools to ensure that your IFC interface is robust with performance.

Develop the best BIM functionality and use our toolkit to earn your buildingSMART certified logo and to easily be able to read/write IFC and ifcXML files. Use the same interface to transparently be able to offer a plug-in to the EDMmodelServer/IFC and be able to check-out and check-in only partial data required for the job and managed by your application.


Model server for BIM and VDC using a model driven and buildingSMART open standards compliant architecture.


A powerful graphical user interface client to EDMmodelServer™ with integrated 3D viewing and reporting capabilities.

  • Check-in/merge
  • Check-out
  • Validate model according to schema and exchange requirements
  • Execute methods – rule validations

Product Data Sheets

EDMmodelServerManager product sheet is available here.

EDMmodelServer™ Enterprise BIM (EBIM) modules available as options: