Our services comprise solutions for Data Interoperability, resolving business issues like Data exchange, Data sharing, Data integration, Data archival. Our EXPRESS Data Manager™ offers functionality for all mentioned domains, based on international standards as STEP (ISO 10303) and PLCS (ISO 10303-239).

EDMtruePLM™ is a product model server for integrating, storing, and accessing data for types of products over their lifetime in a standards compliant fashion.

For the simulation and engineering analysis domain, EXPRESS Data Manager™ forms the basis for products like

EDMopenSimDM™ - Simulation data management collaboration server

EDMinterface(C++/AP209)™ - AP209 C++ Application Programmers Interface

EDMconverter(NASTRAN to AP209)™ - Converter from NASTRAN to AP209

EDMconverter(Abaqus-to-AP209)™ - Converter from Abaqus to AP209