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Lockheed Martin Aeronautic is pursuing the development and deployment of an advanced System for Simulation Data Management (SimDM). The SimDM project team, Jotne and Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company deliver this project as a collaborative effort of enhancing the capabilities of simulation data exchange and sharing within various LM Aero programmes and the life cycles of their delivered products. The SimDM solution will allow integrating product simulation data information into the extended enterprise that operates to produce complex systems within a coherent framework of engineering and manufacturing processes.

The objective of the SimDM project is the exposure of design and engineering analysis data in a form that can be reused by multiple down-stream functions in order to streamline processes and improve efficiencies. The solution will provide a functioning collaboration server for timely distribution of accurate and complete product data, based on edition 2 of ISO 10303-209 (AP209), Composite and metallic structural analysis and related design. The resulting product will interface with LM Aero's core engineering, simulation and support off-the-shelf CAD and CAE applications and provide the mechanisms for access of registered users to product structure, CAD models, CAE data and simulations. These developed data conversion capabilities will have a market far beyond this project and will be exploited within the product suite of Jotne.

The consolidated database will be complemented by a long-term data retention (LTDR) solution based on international standards to meet the requirements for retaining digital product data over long periods of time, typically lifetimes greater than 50 years, and independent of the original software applications and their limited lifetime. A front-end client application will be included to enable graphical display of the database content.

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