Jotne EPM Technology becomes Jotne Connect

Jotne EPM Technology is looking towards the future with new projects in several industries and high-tech sectors and an expanded portfolio of customers and partners from all over the world. With increased growth with new generations of talent and solutions, we now become Jotne Connect, as we always have connected applications through standardization.

Jotne Connect is the leading provider of product data solutions, based on open standards such as ISO 10303 (STEP), which we have been developing since 1994, providing interoperability solutions for Industrial Data applications.

Our products have successfully reduced development and product lifecycle costs through the use of intelligent data management in a variety of industries. These include but are not limited to defense, aeronautics, space and built environment, deployed in CAD/PLM/Simulations/Testing and the logistics domains.

Open, publicly available, and international standards offer a basis for the integration of diverse technologies into complex, innovative systems and solutions. This enables interoperability between components, avoids vendor lock-in for products and services and provides more choice for customers globally. Open standards improve data exchange, sharing and archiving processes, cutting both time and cost, while also improving quality.

Our solutions and services ensure long term access and ownership of data, independently of vendors and cloud storage type. We also enable data access and storage on premises for safety and security, including digital twins and their servers.

We connect people and systems with the data they need!

Jotne Connect invest in the most advanced research and development projects originating from the EU and the European Space Agency (ESA), such as Horizon Europe, European Defense Funds and ESA’s technology development programs.

These research projects cover new ground in industrial solutions, digital twins, open standards, archiving and sharing of information, user-friendly applications with the support for AI/ML analytics, and more.

We also recruit talented graduates from leading universities from all over the world, and sponsor PhD students.

Welcome to Jotne Connect!